Bella Gems Originals


Brand Creator, Designer, Photographer

Bella Gems Originals is a fine jewelry company that I started in 2011. In 2017, I decided that the BGO brand needed a face lift. I decided to redesign everything myself, including the logo, business cards, packaging, photography, and online presence.

A new look

The Challenge

The previous designs for the logo and business cards were out of date and unoriginal, therefore detracting from the brand and overall sensibility of BGO.

My Solution

In order to incorporate a sense of originality, luxury, and classic style into the new brand, I focused on the simplicity of the designs.

Business Card Iterations

Final Business Card Design

My first designs made me realize that I needed to push simplicity and luxury even further. I employed minimalism and balance to the composition, and ultimately fine tuned the design for my final logo and business card.

Final Sticker Designs

I also created sticker designs to include when I package and ship all my items to customers. I thought they would add an extra element of branding as well as give each consumer the ability to share the brand with friends and family.

Brand Photography
Social Media Banners