The Best Burger Game


Creator, Designer, Fabrication

The Best Burger is a four player game with a purpose. Players play a seemingly normal game, but then at the end, find the true meaning of the game. The entire game folds up into a box, and includes handmade polymer clay burger ingredients. In this game, everyone will have a blast trying to build the best burger!

Game Play

Players build their own burgers based on what they think the burger trend is for that round. Each player plays one of four different farmers with unique ingredients that each of them own.


The four farmer choices are: the Meat/Dairy farmer (red), Veggie farmer (green), Specialties farmer (blue), and Grain farmer (orange).

Each player buys, sells, and trades ingredients with the others to build the burger each of them want to make. They may use money or their own ingredients as bartering tools. Players can spin the center ingredients lasy suzan when making a trade to see each piece more easily.

After buying an ingredient, a resource cost must also be paid, which becomes important at the end of the game.

When a player has the most similar ingredients on their burger as what is in the trend burger, that player wins the trend card for that round.

After five rounds, the game is over and whoever has the most trend cards wins the game. When the game is over, everyone looks to see how many resources they spent throughout the game, and as they will see every time, the Meat/Dairy farmer has spent the most resources using and selling their products. This ties into the polemical argument, or point, of the game, which is that the meat industry is harmful to the environment because it takes too many resources to produce its products.