Need is an online e-commerce website for the fastest delivery service ever. I designed and implemented every aspect of the website, including a unique ordering system. Need doesn't require payment until a customer receives their items, so I created an ordering system that allows for ordering without processing or storing the credit card information of our customers.


Illuminations is an online marketplace where artists and designers can go to sell licences of their digital work and people can go to buy that work. It is mostly geared towards people looking for digital artwork for their website or digital projects.


I developed a website for Sike to gain clients for their business. Sike's bleeding-edge deep-learning models use text as the sole input in order to understand human psychology and provide personalized actionable insights.


As the CTO at Fellow, I created this website to act as an introduction to the product for customers and investors. Visitors can see screen designs for the app, the team, and sign up to recieve updates in the future when the product website is active.


I built my personal website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a place to document select coding and design works of mine.


My Music Maker was inspired by my frustration with complicated music creation systems. I wanted to create an application that would be easy and intuitive for anyone to use. With this tablet app, people can make simple songs easily.