Ghosts in the Garden


Creator, Designer, Fabrication

Ghosts in the Garden is 3 to 6 player game based on the game, Pacman. I wanted to create a game that bridged the gap between physical and digital, so I took a classic game and turned it into a modernized physical game, with a vintage and analog touch.

Game Play

At the beginning of the game, Players choose to play as a peep or a ghost. The object of the game is for all the peeps to get home to the green section of the garden before all of them end up in lock up, the brown sections, by being captured by the ghosts.


Peeps move each turn by rolling a die and move that many spaces in any direction on the board. Each peep has special abilities and all peeps can pick up fruits as they pass over them, which also have special powers to help the peeps avoid getting captured by the ghosts.

The peeps make their moves on the peeps’ board and the ghosts move on the ghost board. When the ghosts move however, their movements are only registered on their own board, hidden from the peeps. The peeps must strategize and guess where the ghosts might be so that the peeps don't get captured. The game is over when either all the peeps are home, and they win, or all the peeps are in lockup, and the ghosts win.