Illustration & Promotional Material


Illustrator, Creative Director

This is a select few of my small projects, including illustrations, marketing, and creative direction.

Friend Illustrations

These are hand drawn then digitally rendered illustrations of a few of my friends. I was inspired to create each illustration in the style of the Scott Pilgram comics, because I wanted to practice designing in a style different from my own. I printed physical copies of each illustration, framed them, and gifted them to each of my friends.

Indulge In Design Promo Material

When I was Head of Design of UCLA’s InDe club, I created many promotional materials to recruit more members to join, get the word out about events, etc. Below are selected examples of what I created.

Enrou Promo Material

As one of my freelance projects, I worked for the shop Enrou, a company the connects consumers and sellers from across the world with handmade products. I created a series of Pop-up-Shop poster designs for their store front in Los Angeles.