Let's Eat!


Creator, Designer, Programer

I wanted to create something to break the wall between strangers eating together and meeting new people. Too many of my afternoon lunches on my school campus have been spent looking at other people eating their lunch all alone. I created Let’s Eat, the social app that helps strangers meet for lunch.


The Challenge

Eating is a social experience where people are meant to gather, dicuss, and share. Often in our world today, people are too busy to meet up with a friend for a bite to eat, and therefore end up eating alone for lunch.

My Solution

I designed this app to make it easy and fast for people to find a lunch buddy, to improve their eating experience, make new friends, and enhance their lives.

How it works

Location Based Searching

Let’s Eat uses the user’s location to search for others around them who are also using the app and want to meet with someone for lunch.

The Step-by-Step Process

When you first enter the app, log into your account and your location will automatically be logged by the app. When you are ready to find a lunch buddy, simply tap on the "let’s eat" button, and the app will search for users in your immediate vicinity. You may browse through choices of lunch buddies, and see their preferences and ratings. Once you pick a buddy, tap "let’s eat" on their profile or next to their card, and they will be sent a notification. Once they accept, you will be sent their location to walk to, and you can enjoy eating together!

Finished Screens

I decided to go with a bright and light aesthetic to make the app feel light hearted and simple. I wanted the focus of the user to be on the process of finding the right lunch buddy for them, and not distracted by too many features in the app.