Head UI/UX Designer

Playfull is an app startup based in Los Angeles where I worked in early 2017. Founded on the motto "Play with Purpose," Playfull enables users to play games and win real, free food from participating restaurants. In my time at Playfull I worked on multiple projects, including UI UX design, motion design, asset design, and hardware interface design, and worked closely with developers and enginners to push the final product.

Game Tutorials

The Challenge

Before I began working at Playfull, I noticed a flaw in the way games worked within the app. When a user plays a game for the first time, they are flung into the game without having any knowlege of how to play the game beforehand. This is not an ideal structure, since the way users earn points to redeem for food is through playing games, and there are a limited number of games a user can play within one day to earn redeemable points.

My Solution

In order to help users earn more points when playing their first game, I implemented a tutorial for each game to give users a better grasp of the gameplay before starting.

Intitial Sketches

I decided to focus on a tutorial for each of the four games in the Playfull app and also to add descriptions of the different app currencies, to help with ease of understanding. I designed the app’s mascot, Plu, to guide the user through each tutorial, tying it into the rest of the app.

Rendered Final Screens

The final tutorials are currently implemented in the Playfull app and launch automatically when a new user first plays a game. After their first playthrough, the tutorial is still available from the main play screen of each game. The tutorials also have exit buttons, in case the user decides they do not want to play that particular game at the end of the tutorial.

Branded Games

The Challenge

As Playfull grows, more opportunities for restaurants and users will slowly become incorporated into the app. The first step in that direction is the app’s Activities. As a way for users to earn more points towards food rewards, the app needed an activity to promote specific restaurants within the app.

My Solution

Branded games are activities that use the app’s usual games and change out the illustrated food items for those designed for one of the many restaurants featured in the app. For this project, I designed and created each new food item illustration. The food items appear in all the playfull games just as the normal ones do, only they are reserved for their respective restaurant’s activites.

Branded Games Marketing

I created this image that was posted on facebook when branded games were first launched starting with a few of Playfull’s many restaurant partners.


The Challenge

Playfull users were sometimes having trouble redeeming their rewards due to bad phone service or expiration of the reward. In order to improve this situation, we needed to find a solution that would ensure proper redemption of rewards so that neither the customer nor the restaurant would be missing out.

The Solution: A New Redemption Method

My Third project at Playfull was to design this new redemption system that was to be implemented in some of Playfull’s restaurants.

How It Works

The PlayPad is a Raspberry Pi with a display that sits at each register in the restaurants and serves as the reward redemtion method for users. When the user walks up to the register, they show the cashier their reward, the cashier types in that item’s code, the user scans the QR code on the PlayPad, and they recive all their rewards and extras for redeeming. The PlayPad also serves as a great marketing tool to encourage people to download Playfull, as it always displays the Playfull home screen with different rewards on rotation, present to the customers.

PlayPad Screens

The Details

I also designed 6 different screens for the "Sucess" screen of the redemption method that displays according to the real life time of day when the user is redeeming a reward.

PlayPad Time-of-Day Screens

PlayPad Marketing

I created this image that was posted on facebook when the PlayPad was launched to inform users of the new updates.

In this experience I learned to cooperate with an entire team of developers to produce a product and how to use metrics to help guide where the application could improve.

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