Selected Motion Graphics


Illustrator, Creative Director, 3D Modeling, Animator

This is a select few of my video projects, including illustrations, animations, motion design, 3D modeling, and creative direction.

The Process of Weed Farming Video

In the spring of 2017, The Daily Bruin was working on a series about weed farming in California. To contribute, I created an info-video to describe the process in a simple, easy to understand way. I was told the steps of farming, then wrote the script, designed scenes and animated the entire video.

Am I Even Alive

This project is a 270° projected video that I modeled and animated in 3D. It was designed for and projected in the EDA showroom at UCLA. I wanted to make the viewers feel like they are traveling through different portals in space, while making the showroom space feel endless.

Together Apart Video

I have made quite a few projects in After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Maya. I selected this particular piece as an example of my motion graphics work because of the story told in such a simple way, and in a very short time. By using simple shapes, I was able to highlight the "character" relationship and establish a clearly understandable narrative for the viewer.