Who’s Got Game


UI/UX Design Intern

Who’s Got Game is an app that helps users find televised sports games and restaurant deals at venues around them. With real-time games stats and rewards, Who’s Got Game is the center for finding your game. I was brought on the WWG team to redesign the app navigation system and interface design for many of the screens.

App Re-Design

The Challenge

The app had so many different aspects, and there wasn’t a clear ways to navigate it all. We needed to get rid of features that were not relevant to the app’s purpose and use the experience design to focus more on the main features. It needed to be easier for users to find exactly what information they were looking for with fewer taps.

My Solution

I started by redesigning the entire app’s navigation system. I redesigned the main screen so that when users first enter the app, instead of only seeing the games nearby, users can find their game organized by sport, team, location, or deals available. I also redesigned the nav bar layout and many of the screens in the app.

Sample Re-Designed Screens

Navigation Simplification

When the user chooses where to start from the home screen, the initial navigation remains at the top of the screen so that any game can be found no more than two taps away. For example, on the left screen below, the user is viewing all sports games, and on the right the search is narrowed to only football games.

Icon Re-Designs

As well as redesigning the entire apps’ navigation logic, I also redesigned all the icons in the app.

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